VP Business Development, Second Sight
Sylmar, CA


Vice President Europe, Second Sight
Lausanne, Switzerland

“Michael O’Rourke of Scotia Vision Consultants was hired as a sales and marketing consultant to help with the launch of our new innovative ophthalmic technology Argus ll, both in Europe and the USA. Michael provided excellent insights into the global retinal market place with an emphasis on strategy. We will continue to use Michael & Scotia Vision as we further develop our global launch plans for this innovative and disruptive technology. With Michael’s extensive global product launch experience in Ophthalmology in both medical device and pharma, plus his specialization in retina and drug delivery, we would have no hesitation in recommending Michael to any potential clients looking to perfect their product launch and strategy development process.”


Lewis J. Ort Professor, Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, MD

“We appointed Michael O’Rourke of Scotia Vision as a commercial advisor to GrayBug, providing strategic planning expertise for our drug delivery technology.

Michael’s on going contribution is well recognised by myself and the GrayBug team and we look forward to continuing our collaboration.”


Physician-Scientist and Owner,
Center for Retinal and Macular Diseases
President, OcuJect LLC
Newport Beach, CA

“Michael O’Rourke of Scotia Vision Consultants is an advisor to Ocuject for our innovative and proprietary Intra Vitreal injection system. Scotia Vision provided compelling strategic insights into the market place and demonstrated expertise in both drug delivery technology and business development strategies. With Michael’s almost 20 year global leadership experience within global ophthalmology, I would strongly recommend Scotia Vision for any strategic or business development challenge.”


CEO Yolia Healthcare
San Diego, CA

“I was introduced to Scotia Vision and Michael O’Rourke by a leading CEO in the industry.

Michael has since provided excellent strategic insights to our innovative new non invasive presbyopia treatment, both from a commercial and business development perspective. In addition Michael’s impressive network includes some of the worlds leading ophthalmologists and optometrists and this has been of tremendous value to Yolia as we pursue or global development strategies.

Yolia are keen to retain the services of Scotia Visions expertise in both professional and consumer marketing and strongly recommend them to any start up or established ophthalmic company.”


President and CEO,
Lions Eye Institute for Transplant & Research
Tampa, FL

“Michael is a hard-working consultant who invariably understands exactly what the customer’s objective is all about from the outset, and how to get it done in a quick and effective manner. During his six month consultancy we have seen truly amazing transitions in our program. Michael has consistently developed high revenue producing projects, which most were novel concepts never presented in a non-profit environment. Michael is a resourceful, creative, and solution-oriented person who was frequently able to come up with new and innovative approaches to his role as a consultant. Michael was well respected by our internal team. On the interpersonal side, Michael has extraordinary presentation and verbal communication skills. I have found him highly respected, as both a person and a professional, by all colleagues and previous employers. In closing, as detailed above, based on my experience working with Michael will be an asset to any organization that chooses to engage him.”


Finance Advisor, LensAR Inc.
Orlando, FL

“As an early stage, single product, med device company, sales and marketing is the last thing that gets resourced and Michael got this effort going for us at LensAR. He brings intense focus to building the brand, the annuity that any business needs for sustenance. Michael also reached out to the venture and IB community to present the market space during fund raisings.”


CEO, LensAR Inc.
Orlando FL

“During Michael’s 12 month global consulting role with LensAR; he developed and led the LensAR company brand strategy for our disruptive femtosecond laser technology. He created a strategic communications and customer pre launch awareness plan that created high value and respect for our company within the market. He also initiated multiple programs including market research that progressed the development of our launch program in this breakthrough area of ophthalmology. I would have no hesitation recommending Michael and Scotia Vision for your business challenges.”


Founder, New Product Development Leader at KeepSight
Hebron, CT

“We hired Scotia Vision to provide marketing and strategic planning guidance for our new enhanced home-based vision testing and monitoring tools for patients with AMD (Age Related Macular Degeneration) and other retina conditions. Michael worked closely with our team identifying key priorities and critical success factors for both product and business development. His extensive ophthalmic experience and networks, especially within retina was of great value to KeepSight. He has gone out of his way on multiple occasions to help ensure our continued progress. We welcome the ongoing input from Scotia Vision and recommend them without reservation to any company seeking broad ophthalmic consulting expertise and strategic guidance.”



CEO Novaliq GmbH


CBO and Head of Business Development

“Based on a recommendation from a prominent European Professor of Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery, we hired Scotia Vision Consultants in 2012 to represent our new early stage topical drug delivery technology for the USA market.

Michael O’Rourke, Founder of Scotia Vision, has worked extensively with the Novaliq team to develop a USA product development and market entry strategy. He has identified potential strategic partners for future collaboration, established meetings and provided commercial and clinical insights based on his extensive ophthalmic experience in drug, drug delivery and medical device.

We are delighted with our progress to date and will continue to use Scotia Vision as we implement our strategic vision for Novaliq.”


Director, i2eye Diagnostics
Edinburgh, Scotland

“I was very fortunate to be introduced to Michael and Scotia Vision about two years ago because of his many years of expertise in the ophthalmic industry. Michael quickly impressed me with his depth of knowledge and experience in this industry and his ability to apply his knowledge both strategically and practically. He is extremely well respected within the industry and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending his services as an independent consultant in the Ophthalmology or Optometry sector.”


J.P.Todd Professor of Pharmaceutics, Strathclyde University
Glasgow, Scotland

“I’ve worked with Mike on an initiative in ocular drug delivery for the Controlled Release Society, although I knew Mike from his Bausch & Lomb days. Solid and engaging commercial expert and scientist with passion for drug delivery.”


Founder & Director, Viopti
Glasgow, Scotland

“I was first introduced to GlobalScot Michael of Scotia Vision during an introductory meeting set up by Scottish Enterprise International Networks in 2010. The meeting was to see how Michael could provide feedback for Viopti that was established in 2009 to provide a range of innovative contact lens eye care products for the contact lens user. With Michael’s portfolio of knowledge and years of experience within the eye care industry his opinions could only be of value to Viopti. During the first meeting under NDA’s we both shared backgrounds and business ideas and from day one Michael has given feedback regarding Viopti’s business in areas such as product range, market potential, brand strategy, market research and discussing Viopti with leading ophthalmic specialists within the USA. Along side feedback Michael has provided a huge amount of encouragement that has been of huge help to Viopti and myself personally. I regard Michael as a true professional and wish to keep open our communication across the channel for many years to come.”


Founder, Radical Departures
London, England

“My company was commissioned by an international pharmaceutical client to help them find a partner to market a new product in the UK. I already knew Michael’s work in the healthcare industry and he was my first choice to head up this project. From the outset, Michael took ownership of the project – displaying great strategic vision in identifying suitable partners, and coupling this with the drive and enthusiasm to enable us to draw up a shortlist of suitable partners in much less time than the client had anticipated it would take, based on their experience in previous similar projects with other companies. I have no hesitation in recommending Michael, and hope to work with him again some day, should circumstances permit.”