JASON WOODY • CEO Lions Eye Institute for Transplant & Research, Tampa FL

“Michael is a hard-working consultant who invariably understands exactly what the customer’s objective is all about from the outset, and how to get it done in a quick and effective manner. During his six month consultancy we have seen truly amazing transitions in our program. Michael has consistently developed high revenue producing projects, which most were novel concepts never presented in a non-profit environment. Michael is a resourceful, creative, and solution-oriented person who was frequently able to come up with new and innovative approaches to his role as a consultant. Michael was well respected by our internal team. On the interpersonal side, Michael has extraordinary presentation and verbal communication skills. I have found him highly respected, as both a person and a professional, by all colleagues and previous employers. In closing, as detailed above, based on my experience working with Michael will be an asset to any organization that chooses to engage him.”