ALASTAIR KNOX • Founder & Director, Viopti, Scotland

“I was first introduced to GlobalScot Michael of Scotia Vision during an introductory meeting set up by Scottish Enterprise International Networks in 2010. The meeting was to see how Scotia Vision could provide feedback for Viopti that was established in 2009 to provide a range of innovative contact lens eye care products for the contact lens user.

With Michael’s portfolio of knowledge and years of experience within the eye care industry his opinions could only be of value to Viopti. During the first meeting under NDA’s we both shared backgrounds and business ideas and from day one.

Michael has given feedback regarding Viopti’s business in areas such as product range, market potential, brand strategy, market research and discussing Viopti with leading ophthalmic specialists within the USA.

Along side feedback Michael has provided a huge amount of encouragement that has been of huge help to Viopti and myself personally. I regard Michael as a true professional and wish to keep open our communication across the channel for many years to come.”